Tuesday, September 15, 2009

British Period Pieces

Today is another sick day for me. As was yesterday and will be tomorrow. But no worries - I am going to make it. I need to slow down, I need to relax. And now I'm doing it. Last night I watched Gosford Park and today I watched A Room With a View. Both are absolutely fabulous movies. I'd never seen A Room With a View. You know how you can watch the first 30 seconds of a movie and know, just know right then and there, that you're going to love it. Bam. I knew it. "Love at first sight" style. It opens with a woman singing beautiful Italian opera, and the credits give not only the actor/actress but the character name as well. Works for me.

I love Gosford Park. Every time I watch it I learn something new. Probably because you're never really introduced to the characters, you're kind of just thrown into the mix, trying to figure out who is who.

I feel like it's still summer right now. I'm seated on the couch, reading the newspaper. A truck outside has it's radio on very loud so I can hear it. So far we've listened to:

"Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" by the Backstreet Boys
"You Make Me Wanna" by Usher
"Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks
"Hey Mr. DJ" by Rihanna

Classic stuff right there. Anyway, it feels like summer because it's still very nice outside, still got some blue sky. I have time to sit and read the paper in the afternoon. Nowhere to be, nowhere I need to go. So, so grateful I have a job where I can take a sick day (or two). If you know me, you know that is representative of some serious growth. Serious growth.

I have only felt like eating Spaghetti-Os for the past two days. I haven't eaten them in years. Like about ten years, no joke. They just sounded right today.

I have also consumed huge quantities of orange juice in the past four days as well. Every other time I'd rather just eat an orange, but not this time.

I don't get how everyone seems to be pulling Obama in two completely different directions. First, people are saying he's doing way too much, he needs to focus his energies on just a few key issues, and then people say he's not doing enough to address this (small) issue right here that absolutely needs to be dealt with. Qu'est-ce c'est? People, the man has been in office eight months. It takes time to undo eight years of someone else. Plus the world's problems are compounding and collapsing on him all at once. Every issue is critical or every issue is secondary. Pick one.

I never before realized how often I start sentences with some variation of "I read this article in the paper..." until someone pointed it out to me. True. I read the paper every day. I absolutely love it. I'm trying to get the Bible to be that routine as well. But I just love reading the paper. And I love reading the paper I currently subscribe to as well (for over a year now). I think everyone should read the paper. I'm such an old person sometimes.

But seriously, I read this article in the paper just now about civility and how our society is often lacking in it. Couldn't agree more. Of course, I manage to be a walking contradiction of both bluntness and old-fashioned-ness (perhaps balance or harmony would be a better word here?) but I do believe in telling the truth with grace. Putting a pink flamingo in your yard is an acceptable level of tackiness. Grabbing the mike from Taylor Swift is not.

Must be off now. I'm sure there's some medicine I need to be taking right now.

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