Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dunkin' Riots

My neighborhood has a lot of old people. I love old people. They have their habits and their routines (Monday is post office day, Tuesday is grocery shopping day, etc.). Now, our local Dunkin' Donuts is the hangout for the over 65 crowd. A few weeks ago, they closed the DD for renovations. They put a sign in the window saying when it would reopen. I remember walking by the window, checking out how the construction was going and thinking to myself "there's absolutely no way they're going to finish on time." Sure enough, when that original re-opening day came around, another sign was put up with a new date. This continued for about two weeks. Now they just have a sign in the window saying "Tomorrow." Quite creative.

I've noticed the DD regulars have been hovering around the store, bickering about its closure. I'm ready for one of them to throw a cane through the window.

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